August 2014  
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DAPE CHALLENGE By Darla Beckmann DAPE SCRED/Chisago Lakes

For the third time in four years students from Chisago, North Branch, Rush City, East Central, and Pine City met for the Developmental Adapted Physical Education (DAPE) Challenge. Four years ago the DAPE teachers that are a part of the St. Croix River Education District (SCRED) decided that they wanted to create a non-competitive event designed specifically for their students. 

It’s about doing their best; it’s not about competing against others. The smiles and the laughter tell the story.  When students were asked about their favorite activity replies ranged from “everything,” to the long jump, soccer kick, softball throw, bowling, bean bag toss, Frisbee throw, and the baseball hit. 

National Honor Society students from Pine City High School volunteered to help run the activities. They had fun working with the participants and did an excellent job of supporting and encouraging them. The teachers and staff assisting the participants also brought a lot enthusiasm to the Challenge. 

The day after the Challenge one of my students asked me if we were going to have the Challenge next year. I asked him if he thought we should. His response “I think it should go on forever!”

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Through the actions of its administrators and governing body, and through collaboration with other service agencies, SCRED will strive for equity of opportunity for all learners by facilitating cooperation, collaboration, communication and collective excellence among its member districts. 

Annual Report

The SCRED by-laws require an annual report of all SCRED services.  The annual report for 2011-12 is now available.  Check it out!

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