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MN Response to Intervention Center

The MN RtI Center was funded for two years with a grant from the MN Legislature. The Center closed on June 30, 2009. Below you will find some resources and links to support RtI implementation. 

RtI Training Content Modules

The following content modules each were developed to address content information for various components of Response to Intervention. Each module contains a Powerpoint presentation with detailed notes, suggested readings and activities, references, resources, and potential quiz questions. These modules were developed for the purpose of making more RtI information available for preservice educators, as well as inservice educators. These are available for your use and you may use any or all of the modules as you see fit for your purposes. Click on the link below that will take you to the modules page where you can download the information you need. Look for the Word Document for each module that tells you what is included in the module.  

RtI School Committment

School Commitment Presentation - This is a sample Power Point presentation a school site could use/modify to introduce your school staff to RtI to assist in gaining 80 % staff commitment. If you view it in the 'Notes' format, you will see comments that may be helpful to you when you make the schoolwide presentation. The 'notes' are for the presenters - the slides only are intended for an elementary staff presentation.


RtI Readiness

RtI Readiness - In order to determine your school's readiness for implementation of a Response to Intervention model, you will need to complete this checklist with a representative team from your building including the building administrator. The results will help determine what aspects of RtI should be implemented first, and lead to the development of an action plan for your school.


RtI Scheduling Master

A sample schedule for core and intervention curriculum is provided for an elementary school. Also provided is a template for schools to create their own schedules across the grades for both core and intervention curriculum. For more information, contact Ann Casey: acasey@scred.k12.mn.us


List of Evidence Based Intervention Practices(Updated May 29, 2009)

Below you will find a list of intervention practices supported by research that are being used at various schools particpating in the MN RtI Center Coaching Cohorts. The list includes the skill(s) areas addressed, grade levels it's appropriate for, and the source of evidence for the practice. The list is divided into two sublists: programs and strategies.


Integrity Checklists

Following are integrity/fidelity of implementation checklists for some of the practices listed above. Ensuring that intervention supports are provided as planned is a key component in RtI. Using checklists such as these is one way to ensure that an intevention was delivered with fidelity to the instructional plan. This list was developed in a number of ways including developing some of our own, modifying some existing ones, and adopting already developed integrity checks from Heartland AEA: www.aea11.k12.ia.us/idm/checklists.html and Joe Kovaleski's website: www.coe.iup.edu/kovaleski/LOIs.htm


Intervention Inventory

A good place to start in developing a school's Tier 2 and Tier 3 supports is to inventory what currently exists for interventions, and then develop a plan for what interventions might be needed based on what is currently available and what students need. Below is a reading intervention inventory that can be used for this purpose.


The mission of the National Center on Response to Intervention is to build the capacity of State Educational Agencies to assist Local Educational Agencies in implementing proven and promising practices within a Response to Intervention (RTI) framework


RtI 09 Conference Breakout Sessions

RtI Support

The RtI Action Network is designed for implementors - all kinds of supports including content, videos, blogs, chat groups, links and much more 

RtI Links
Need a Measurement System appropriate for RtI implementation? Please consult the revew from the National Center on Student Progress Monitoring: www.studentprogress.org/chart/chart/asp


Need research based core literacy instruction? Download the following selection guide: "A consumer's guide to analyzing a core reading program"


For information on core and intervention reading programs, check the following links: The Florida Center for Reading Research www.fcrr.org/FCRRReports/reportslist.htm


The What Works Clearing House. Click on Current Topics under the categories of Beginning Reading, Character Educatio, Dropout Prevention, Early Childhood Education, Elementary School Math, MIddle School Math, and English Language Learners ies.ed.gov/ncee/wwc


Best Evidence Encyclopedia. This site reviews Elementary Math, Middle and High School Math, Technology in Reading and Math, Comprehensive School Reform, Reading for ?English Language Learners and Secondary Reading www.bestevidence.org/


For those interested in behavior, check the Postive Behavior Interventions and Support site in MN


and the national PBIS website at: