Outcomes Services

Through a problem solving structure, Outcomes Services strives to support districts and schools in improving student achievement by providing effective assessment and instructional practices that support an evidence-based core and supplemental instruction.  

2019-20 Topics & Resources

 SCRED Target Packet (2019/2020)

 2019-2020 Universal Screening Measures by   Grade & Testing Window

 SCRED Research Application

 (Please submit a complete form to Wendy Stuttgen           @ SCRED:wstuttgen@scred.k12.mn.us)                                                                                                         
        Assessment Information                                                                                                                     


 Accuracy of Implementation Rating Scale 

 (used at SCRED to support inter-rater reliability for  literacy GOMs)                                     

 Assessment Database Contact List

 Explanation of TIES Accelerated Growth  Targets

 Psychometric Standards of Progress 
 Monitoring Tools

 Strand Scores Use and Interpretation

 What Measures We Give - and Why         

  eduCLIMBER Login (educlimber.com)

 District ID: 1202

FASTBridge Learning

  NWEA MAP Testing
FASTBridge Learning Login

 FAST ADD Student Form


   MAP Admin & Reporting Center (MARC)
 MAP ADD Student Form
      Instructions for Adding Students
      Tips and Reminders

 NWEA Partner Update

 NWEA Status Page

 TESTING Accommodations
SCRED and 504

 Accommodations on GOM Testing

 Accommodations for FAST Testing 

 Accommodations on MAP Testing

 Further information regarding testing accommodations  maybe found in the SCRED Special Education Guidelines.

   NWEA National Norms Percentiles 2015

 NWEA MAP Growth Norms 2015

 NWEA Normative Data Overview 2015

 AIMSweb Maze National Norms and ROI

 AIMSweb Written Expression Norm and ROI

 FASTBridge Benchmarks and Norms(V2.3 2015-16)   
 CBM Norms & Percentiles