Number Sense and Place Value

Number sense refers to a person's intuitive understanding of numbers and their relationships. It involves recognizing and understanding the quantity, magnitude, and relative value of numbers, as well as the ability to manipulate and use numbers in a variety of contexts.

Place value refers to the value of a digit based on its position within a number. In the base-10 number system, each digit has a place value that is determined by its position relative to the decimal point. For example, in the number 3,456, the digit "5" has a place value of 50, while the digit "4" has a place value of 4,000. Understanding place value is essential for performing operations with large numbers and for understanding concepts such as decimals and fractions.


Tier 1Tier 1

Core, universal instructional practices.


tier 2Tier 2

Supplemental interventions that work similarly for all students receiving them.


tier 3Tier 3 and Special Education

Intensive interventions that are increasingly tailored to each student's individual needs. Special Education is "Tier 3 on steroids."

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