SCRED Governance

SCRED Administrative Procedures

   1 Administrative Procedure
   2 Resident Students, Reporting, Billing, Aid
   3 Variance Procedure
   4 MARSS and Child Count Procedures (attachments SCRED Databases, Home Page, Quick Links)
   5 SCRED Office Procedures
   6 Collaborative Planning with form
   7 Staff Development Expenses
   8 Lending Library Procedures
   9 Code of Ethics, Property Standards and Procurement
   10 Delayed Starts
   11 EDRS Procedure
   13 Extended School Year (ESY)
   14 Federal Child Count
   15 Hiring of Special Ed Staff
   16 Non-Resident Students 
   17 SCRED Involvement in Decision Making
   18 ABE Funding Procedures
   19 MA Billing
   21 Apple Volume Purchases
   23 Local Assessments and Decision Making
   24 Proportionate Share   
   25 Financial and Program Management 
   26 Non-Resident Early Childhood Evaluations
   27 Contract for SPED Evaluation Services
   28 Time and Effort Reporting (PARS)
#5 Office Procedures (Attachments)

   Staff Position Titles
   Organizational Chart
   SCRED Office Phone Directory
   Member District Directory
   Policy 2: Reimbursement of Travel Costs
   Mileage/Expense Claim Form
   Mileage Chart
   Claim and Verification Form
   Purchase Requisition Form
   Time Sheet
   Training/Meeting Record
   Professional Learning Planning Checklist
   SCRED Lending Library Log-In Directions

SCRED Administrative Policies

  1 Ownership of Equipment
  2 Reimbursement of Travel Costs
  3 Cost Determination
  4 Supervision and Evaluation of Staff
  5 SCRED Staff Development
  6 Shared Host District
  7 Assignment of Shared Staff
  8 Shared Schedules
  9 Billing Services
  10 Fund Balance
  11 Associate Membership

  12 Facility Use
  13 Uniform Grant Guidance Regarding Federal Revenue Sources 
  14 Education District Fundraising
  15 Advertising 

Governing Board

  The SCRED Governing Board consists of one representative from each member district who is a
school board member. The Governing Board is empowered generally to act in the interest
  of the member districts and to provide for a thorough and continuing system of reporting to,
  and communication with, the Board of Education for each member district.
                                        SCRED Governing Board
         Governing Board 
Members (pictured) and Alternates 2019-20
Seated: Scott Tryon - Alternate Becky Lamont (Rush City)
            Dani Strenke (Treasurer) - Alternate Brenda Carlson (Chisago Lakes)
Left to right: Sarah Grovender (Clerk) - Alternate Heather Osagiede (North Branch)        
Julie Domogalla (Chair) - Alternate Judy Loken (East Central)

         Mary Ellen Von Rueden (Vice Chair) - Alternate Mandy Dols (Hinckley-Finlayson)
       Wendy Leibel - Alternate Lisa Nos-Tollefson (Pine City)

Approved Minutes 2019-20
​July 16th, 2019; September 17th, 2019; November 12th, 2019; January 14th, 2020;
March 17th, 2020; May 12th, 2020; June 9th, 2020
Approved Minutes 2018-19
July 10th, 2018; September 18th, 2018; November 13th, 2018; January 15th, 2019;
March 19th, 2019; May 14th, 2019; June 18th, 2019    

  Approved Minutes 2017-18
September 19th, 2017; November 14th, 2017; February 13th, 2018; May 8th, 2018,
June 19th, 2018

Reports  Legislative Forum
Annual Reports         
SCRED Annual Report 2018-2019           
SCRED Annual Report 2017-2018
Financial Reports (coming soon)
Revenues and Expenditures FY19 and FY20    SCRED Financial Statement 2018-2019          SCRED Management Report 2018-2019  

Revenues and Expenditures FY18 and FY 19

SCRED Financial Statement 2017-2018
SCRED Management Report 2017-2018
   SCRED Legislative Forum 2016 Video