Infrastructure for Continuous Improvement


πŸŽ₯ What does it mean? These are the mechanisms in a system that support people as they work efficiently together.

This includes teams organized to work like clockwork, implementation plans, well-allocated resources, useful technology, etc. 

Infrastructure provides the stability for initiatives to be installed, sustained, and improved independent of specific people.



The basic blueprint of teams in a district is explained below. Keep in mind that team names will vary and you also might create specialized "satellite teams" and/or temporary work groups that the teams below delegate tasks to.

The overarching goal is to organize our teams to work like clockwork. This means that:

  • All of the essential tasks are getting done. We're not neglecting parts of our system, and we don't have data blind spots.
  • The work is clearly assigned amongst our teams (no wasted effort).
  • The varied perspectives of stakeholders are being leveraged.
  • Everyone is on the same page ("communication loops" are loopin').

If needed, you can complete a team inventory to get a handle on what each of your teams does and how they work together.


Basic Blueprint of Linked Teams β€” Agendas πŸ“ and Other Tools

For each team, you'll find customized versions of our generic agenda template (πŸŽ₯ tutorial). They all use similar formatting, making it easy copy and paste pieces of one agenda into another. 


Facilitation and Team Functioning

We can't just wing it and hope that a team will work well together. Below, you'll find tools to support positive teamwork. If you don't find what you need below, try browsing our full resource folder.


implementationImplementation Plans

When we're implementing new practices and programs, if we want them to stick around and achieve the results we're looking for, we need Implementation Science

It involves being intentional about what we're implementing, where we're implementing it, who is involved, and how we approach it.

To support your team, check out these example action plan templates. We recommend that you copy-and-paste one of these into your running agenda (see those templates above). One sizes doesn't fit every project, so in this doc you'll see a few options.



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Click MoreIf you have questions or need support re: team structures or implementation projects, the staff below are generally "point people" on these topics and can help you wrap in more folks if needed.

If your question is specific to the Data Facilitator Project, please reach out to either an Academic or SEL Services Coordinator.

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