Gestures of Appreciation

📬 Digital Postcards: You can send a Digital Postcard to a member district staff member or a fellow SCREDster! You just fill out a short Google Form, and the recipient will receive an artistic digital card in their inbox.

☕ SCRED $5 Treat List: If you want to bring a SCRED colleague a small treat, the $5 Treat List tells you what kinds of treats they like to receive.


Annual Awards 🏆

During our final professional learning day in late May, our administrative team has the privilege of presenting our annual awards. Award recipients receive certificates, their names are added to plagues or other visuals in our district office, and they are highlighted in our newsletter and on social media.

annual awards

Please read up on the award criteria below and then submit a nomination using the linked Google Forms (below). May 1st is our annual cut-off in order to give the admin. team enough time to review nominations and determine an award recipient.


Ripple Effect Award is awarded to SCRED staff (≤ 5 years)

Submit a nomination! The recipient must have 5 or fewer years of employment at SCRED. (Tip: You can check our seniority list). Recipients of this award have demonstrated leadership early in their careers at SCRED. Their collaboration, innovation, and advocacy has rippled across our organization and our member districts, improving outcomes for students, educators, and communities. Their passion and commitment have inspired us all. 

Previous recipients: Mitch Marinack (2024), Joan Bloemendaal-Gruett (2023), Jodi Henderson (2022), Kristen Swalboski (2021), Raycheal Zamora (2020), Connie Simm (2019), Caiti Knudson (2018), Nic van Oss (2017)


Lasting Imprint Award is awarded to SCRED staff (> 5 years)

Submit a nomination! The recipient must have more than 5 years of employment at SCRED, in the same position or across multiple positions. (Tip: You can check our seniority list). Recipients of this award have created lasting change and a measurable difference within SCRED and our member districts. They have gone above and beyond to carry out the mission of SCRED ("Maximizing outcomes through partnership") and to push their colleagues to do better. SCRED would not be the same without them.

Previous recipients: Nic van Oss (2024), Kalie VanMeveren (2023), Anne Meyer (2022), Julie Hawkinson (2021), Angela Christenson (2020), Jackie Hanson (2019), Barb Scierka (2018), Karen Wolner (2017)


Spirit of Excellence Award is awarded to SCRED office staff

Submit a nomination! The recipient must be a SCRED office staff (ex. Administrative Assistant). Recipients of this award have provided exceptional support to educators in SCRED and our member districts. Their initiative, follow through, communication, teamwork, and adaptability shine! People depend on them, and they come through again and again.

Previous recipients: Heather Guzik (2024), Cherie Turek (2023), Sandy Benson (2022), Suzie Hischer (2021), Hailey Swanson (2020), Kelly Tocholke (2019), Brenda Collins (2018), Joan Rustad (2017)


Go Together Awards are awarded to Member District staff

Submit a nomination! Six of these awards are presented each year, one to a staff member from each member district. 🟢🔴🟡🟢🔴🔵 This award is inspired by the proverb: "If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together." Recipients of the Go Together award have gone above and beyond to forge meaningful partnerships with the SCRED staff who support their district, leading to positive outcomes for students and educators. They exemplify a spirit of collaboration and a commitment to teamwork, communication, and shared accountability. Previous recipients:

  • Chisago Lakes: Sara Johnson (2024)
  • East Central: Marki Hansen (2024)
  • Hinckley-Finlayson: Bonnie Scullard (2024)
  • North Branch: Erica Bjerketvedt (2024)
  • Pine City: Jocelyn Rydberg (2024)
  • Rush City: Mary Kurvers (2024)




Click MorePlease reach out to our Executive Director if you'd like to discuss staff recognition or have questions!

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