Project SEEK

What is Project SEEK? 
*2019 SAVE THE DATES - June 11th - 26th!

Project SEEK is a program that is designed for gifted, talented, and high potential students. Participation in our program is by recommendation only (usually by your child's teacher). If you have questions about Project SEEK programming, please email or call 320-358-1227 to speak with the program support.
A Summer Enrichment Experience for Kids Grades 1 - 7 

Check out the Project SEEK 2019 Website or navigate to "Archives" to see what our students were up to in past years!!!!
Students who are invited to attend Project SEEK are students who demonstrate exemplary behavior, are able to interact independently and be involved in a group setting, enjoy intense study, driven to complete projects, and love a challenge!

*Each of our Gifted Network Members uses their own criteria upon which to recommend a student for Project SEEK, if you have questions about your child's recommendation status you must contact their current district teacher. 


This program is designed for gifted and talented students to enhance the regular school-year curriculum. It is a space intended for these students to come together, think, work, and create in courses designed just for them.                   
Project SEEK features classes designed by instructors for this exciting experience. The activity-oriented classes offer in-depth explorations in a number of interdisciplinary areas. Each class is limited to 15 or fewer students keeping student/teacher ratios low for a more conducive learning experience.
Project SEEK is held at the Pine City Elementary School in the month of June. Bussing is available at no extra fee.

Dates of SEEK 2019 are:
June 11th - June 26th

Gifted Network Members:

Chisago Lakes Area Schools
East Central Area Schools
Hinckley/Finlayson School District
North Branch Area Schools
Pine City School District
Rush City School District