Early Childhood

Young children can get early intervention help if they have developmental delays or specific health conditions. Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) services include assessment, consultation, and instruction designed to help children meet developmental milestones. 

2017-18 Topics & Resources


Child Outcomes Summary Form (COSF) Crosswalks
ECSE Information and Forms - Google Folder
        (Formally the Big the big binder given
        at SCRED New Staff training)

Caregiver Coaching Resource:
        -Family Guided Routines Based 

Evaluation Resources   
IFSP/IEP Resources

MDE Resources and Guidance
       Infant and Toddler
       Ages Three through Six Years
Informed Clinical Opinion
Diagnosed Conditions Affecting Development
Procedural Safeguards:
       Part B
       Part C
       Part C Summary
Part C Eligibility Determination Flowchart
Who is the Legal Parent

SCRED Resources
Closing the Loop
Evaluation Planning Guide

CIMP IFSP Rubric (Coming Soon!)

  MDE Resources 
Early Childhood Caseload Statute 
MDE IFSP Guidance (May 2012)

SCRED Resources
MA Billing Code Checklist

Other Resources
Extracurricular and Nonacademic Supports Decision-Making Flow Chart 

SCRED Member District's Early childhood programs
MDE MARSS Reference Guide
MDE MARSS Procedure 6
Example SpEd Forms Attendance Logs
      (Revisions coming Soon
Q&A SpEd Forms Attendance
Attendance Q & A (2013)

  Early Childhood Teams

District Early Childhood Websites:
Chisago Lakes
North Branch
Rush City
Pine City
East Central
Academic Intervention Resources  
     Behavior Intervention Resources
Language Intervention Toolkit
Strategies for Communication/Language B-3
Increase Math Achievement in Preschoolers
Pre-K Mathematics Curriculum
Early Math Resources
  SCRED BSP Template/Examples and 

MDE Behavior Assessment and Intervention
National Center on Intensive Interventions
Evidence-Based Interventions
Intervention Central
Behavior Progress Monitoring Tools
Center on the Social Emotional Foundation for Early Learning (CSEFEL)
National Center for Pyramid Model Innovations


 Helpful Links/Resources

   Child/Family Outcomes
Early Childhood Mental Health
     DC:0-3 Mental Health Brochure
     B-5 Mental Health Grant Letter      
Help Me Grow
First Signs
Baby Talk
  Child Outcomes Summary Form (COSF)
Child Outcomes Summary Form

COSF's 7 Point Scale
COSF Ratings Descriptive Statements

Resources to Determine Ratings
Instructions- Child Outcomes Summary Form
“Script” for Team Discussion of COSF Rating
COSF Crosswalks

Family Outcome (FOS)
FOS Cover Letter- English
Family Outcomes Survey- English
SCRED Guidance

   Q & A

Now linked from the SCRED Special Education Forms:
Collaborative Planning Project
Collaborative Planning Request Form
Request for Para Evaluation

Non-Resident Early Childhood Evaluations

Preschool Student’s Abilities and Assistance Matrix

  Q&A Aging Out of Developmental Delay at 7
Q&A IFSP Statement Reporting Progress

Q&A Part C Evaluations
Q&A PWN Requirements Part C
Q&A Revocation of Parental Consent
Q&A SpEd Forms Data Entry Procedures


 Extended School Year - Delete?

ESY Resources    Part C to B Transition
Q&A Part C to B Guidance from MDE

Part C to B Transition Guidebook For Parents (Pacer)

Kindergarten Transition
Kindergarten Transition Resources
Part C Services

   Early Childhood Screenings Resources
Caregiver Coaching-Family Guided Routines Based Intervention
Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center 
Q&A IFSP Services
  MDE Resources