Tech Tips

Recording Your Screen

There are many ways to take a photo or video of your screen, but we've highlighted below the ones that have been most useful to SCRED staff.


All computers come with a built-in screenshot tool, but the Skitch program on Macbooks is a worthwhile upgrade because it's the perfect blend of simple and useful. Our tech staff push Skitch out to all Macbooks automatically.


When it comes to taking videos of your screen, here are the most popular options used by SCRED staff (all are free):

If you need to blur out sensitive data during screen recording, the ZeroBlur Chrome extension allows you to do this live while recording your video.

If you'd like to see your video on SCRED's YouTube channel, find out how.



Tips and tricks for Google Docs, PDFs, and other documents!

Sign PDFs On Your Computer

Instead of printing off a document, signing it, and scanning it back into your computer, you can simply sign it using your computer. How? You can easily keep a copy of your signature in the Preview program on your Macbook and use it to easily sign any PDF file. It's as easy as signing a blank piece of paper and holding it up to your webcame one time. Find out how.


Web Browsers (e.g., Chrome)

Tips for stress-free use of the world wide web!

Use Chrome Profiles

Using 🎥 separate Profiles for your work email, personal email, etc. (1:15) will keep those accounts entirely separate. You can open a browser window for "work you" with your work Google Drive, work Gmail, etc. You can open a completely separate browser window for another other Google account you have. 



Tech Support

If needed, email [email protected] to submit a support ticketSupport staff at the SCRED office will address your issue ASAP and wrap in additional staff if needed.


Click MoreIf you have questions about the technology we provide to our SCRED employees, please reach out to our technology staff using their contact info. below.

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