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🎥 What are Tags for? By default, eduCLIMBER lets you filter data by demographics like gender, grade, ethnicity, etc. But what if you want to filter for something else (e.g., find growth rates for students who received an intervention funded by the ADSIS grant?). You'll need to "tag" students in order to filter your data using custom categories. Learn more:


ADSIS Services

Every student who receives ADSIS services at any point throughout the school year must be tagged in eduCLIMBER. Six tags have been created and must be used:

  • SCRED ADSIS Reading
  • SCRED ADSIS Reading Exit
  • SCRED ADSIS Math Exit
  • SCRED ADSIS Behavior
  • SCRED ADSIS Behavior Exit

For each area (reading, math, behavior), the student can only have a current tag OR an exit tag.


ADSIS Tag Scenarios

Jennifer is currently in ADSIS reading. = 🏷️ SCRED ADSIS Reading

Cheyanne was in ADSIS behavior from September to December. She met her goal and was exited from ADSIS behavior in January. =

  • September-December: 🏷️ SCRED ADSIS Behavior
  •  January-June: 🏷️ SCRED ADSIS Behavior Exit

Mark is currently in ADSIS math and ADSIS behavior. = 🏷️ SCRED ADSIS Math + 🏷️ SCRED ADSIS Behavior

Nicole was in ADSIS math and ADSIS reading from October to February. In February, she was exited from ADSIS math. =

  • October-February: 🏷️ SCRED ADSIS Reading + 🏷️ SCRED ADSIS Math
  • February-June: 🏷️ SCRED ADSIS Reading + 🏷️ SCRED ADSIS Math Exit


Deleting ADSIS Tags

You will need to delete tags if you accidentally tag a student for ADSIS or if the student exits ADSIS. If the student is exiting, make sure you add an ADSIS exit tag once you have deleted the first tag.



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Tech Support

Email [email protected] to submit a support ticket. Support staff at the SCRED office will address your issue ASAP and wrap in a Services Coordinator if needed.

You can also check out eduCLIMBER's page on Tags.

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