"Hardware" is the computers, mobile devices, etc. themselves — the physical devices.


Mobile Devices

SCRED staff who are assigned to and frequently move between multiple buildings are equipped with iPhones.

Staff may also be equipped with iPads when needed (e.g., to utilize instructional or assessment apps).



SCRED staff primarily use Apple computers, although support staff at the SCRED office primarily use Windows devices.



We have four Canon industrial copiers/printers throughout the SCRED building. Please print in B/W by default — limit color copying if not needed to save on printing costs.

There is a fully automated laminator, as well as two single sheet laminators, available in and near the Workroom. Please reach out to support staff to replace a laminating film cartridge or if you have any questions on how to use the laminators.



"Software" is the programs and apps that run on computers, mobile devices, etc.


Google Workspace

SCRED and our member districts use Google Workspace (i.e., Google Drive/Docs/Sheets/Slides, Gmail, etc.). We also use Google products for videoconferencing (Google Meet). 


Additional Software/Subscriptions

SCRED employees complete the Purchase Request Form when they need to purchase or renew software subscriptions used by SCRED and member district staff/students.


Mobile Apps

SCRED employees can use our Mobile App Request Form to request access to paid apps that are necessary for their job duties.



Tech Support

Our technology staff maintain a Technology Resources Google Classroom that hosts a comprehensive library of tutorials and resources regarding Google products, Microsoft Office, and other technology that SCRED staff are equipped with.

If needed, email [email protected] to submit a support ticketSupport staff at the SCRED office will address your issue ASAP and wrap in additional staff if needed.


Click MoreIf you have questions about the technology we provide to our SCRED employees, please reach out to our technology staff using their contact info. below.

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