Data Walls

Data walls are essentially a "smart spreadsheet." They display data in sortable columns, and the data automatically updates.

Gone are the days of downloading spreadsheet files and then taking hours to manually collate them in Excel! With Data Walls you can pull up multiple metrics about the same group of students, and you have tools at your fingertips to takes notes, tag students, add interventions, etc.

Finding Data Walls

In many cases, you'll be pulling up a Chart first ("big picture") and then clicking the Data Wall button to drill down and look at individual student data. Check out our page on Charts to learn more.


"I want to..."

Create a Data Wall for the Students in My Class(es)

Check out this how-to handout or a video that both explain how to pull up multiple pieces of data (e.g., discipline, mySAEBRS, academic assessments, etc.) for the students in your classes.

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