You can assign an intervention to a student (e.g., supplementary math instruction, a Check & Connect mentoring program, etc.) and then attach one or more progress monitoring schedules (e.g., a math probe we take 1x/week). When you enter data, eduCLIMBER will graph it, helping you to determine how effective your intervention is (for individuals and the group) and document any changes you're making to the intervention.

FastBridge Syncing 

Several academic probes that we administer using the FastBridge website will automatically sync the score data over to eduCLIMBER. ⚠️ Set up the probe in FastBridge, administer it, wait a day, and THEN create an intervention in eduCLIMBER. Learn more about how to set this up.


Creating Interventions

The headings below ⬇️ match the intervention setup buttons in eduCLIMBER and they'll walk you through every single step and every choice you need to make. There are even video 🎥 walkthroughs of each step!
Managing Interventions
Changing Interventions
Students Entering, Exiting, or Moving
Unique Intervention/Monitoring Situations

It's helpful to have the background on how the system works (i.e., how Interventions and Monitoring schedules work together).
Fixing Common Errors

SpEd-Specific Topics

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