Infrastructure for Continuous Improvement


🎥 What does it mean? "Infrastructure" is the mechanisms in a system that support people as they work efficiently together. This includes teams organized to work like clockwork, implementation plans, well-allocated resources, useful technology, etc. 

Infrastructure provides the stability for initiatives to be installed, sustained, and improved independent of specific people.




Leadership of the MTSS framework begins at the district level.

The decisions, direction, and support that begin at the district level should carry over to school buildings and inform the work of all teams within each school.

Team names will vary across schools; it is their purposes, configuration, and support of each other's work that is vital to the district's continuous improvement.

Learn more about the Teams to Support MTSS. You can also complete an inventory of your district/building teams.


Agenda and Planning Templates

modular agendasOur Generic Running Agenda template is a go-to clean slate that can be adapted and used for any team. Here's video about 🎥 how to use it.

You'll find plenty of handy example agendas in the menus below. All of these agendas use similar formatting — with the idea that it makes it easy for you to copy and paste pieces of one agenda into another


Team Functioning

  • consensus ladderTeam Norms: Here's a resource folder and a 🎧 podcast episode (26:21) that both support the development and maintenance of effective team norms.
  • Decision Making Windows: A lot of friction in meetings comes when team members are unclear on their role in a decision. Are we making this decision together? Does the leader want my input or is this a non-negotiable? Once a team is versed in these 4 "window" categories, they're invaluable for clearing that up.
  • Consensus Ladder: When decisions are being made "together" the loudest voices may hold sway unless the team has a system for encouraging everyone to give input. This is a simple fist-to-five scale for accomplishing that.
  • Teamwork Resource Folder: Additional resources designed to support collaboration and teamwork among educators, including group reflection techniques and example questions for talking to principals.


Implementation Plans

  • action planImplementation Science 101 When we're implementing new practices and programs, if we want them to stick around and achieve the results we're looking for, we need to be intentional about what we're implementing, where we're implementing it, who is involved, and how we approach it.
  • Example Action Plan Templates We recommend that you copy-and-paste one of these into your running agenda (see those templates above). One sizes doesn't fit every project, so in this doc you'll see a few options.
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