Autism Spectrum Disorders

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are a set of neurodevelopmental disorders that affect how an individual processes information and interprets the world. Core features of autism are persistent deficits in social interaction and communication and restricted, repetitive or stereotyped patterns of behavior, interests or activities. Each individual with ASD displays a unique combination of characteristics, ranging from mild to severe, requiring individually determined educational and treatment programming.

Tools for Case Managers


visual binder doc

Check out our Visual Binder for Students with Functional Communication Needs! Print and use these visuals to support students who benefit from visual supports, to aid in helping them functionally communicate. These are considered evidence-based practices and are interventions put in place for a student who receives support due to a language processing disorder (ASD or LI).

This resource is a work of progress and we welcome suggestions and input on other resources that would be useful to include. Please feel free to email your Autism Services Coordinator (contact info. at the bottom of this page) with any questions or need for support.


More Tools


Student/Family Resources


Professional Learning




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