Reading vocabulary refers to the words that a reader is able to recognize and understand when reading. It includes both the words that a reader can read aloud and the words that a reader can comprehend when they encounter them in text. Reading vocabulary is different from speaking vocabulary, which includes the words that a person can use in conversation.

Reading vocabulary is an essential component of reading comprehension, as readers must understand the meaning of words in order to understand the meaning of a text. A reader's vocabulary size and depth can impact their ability to comprehend more complex texts, as unfamiliar words can impede their understanding of the text.


Tier 1Tier 1

Core, universal instructional practices.


tier 2Tier 2

Supplemental interventions that work similarly for all students receiving them.


tier 3Tier 3 and Special Education

Intensive interventions that are increasingly tailored to each student's individual needs. Special Education is "Tier 3 on steroids."

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