Some SCRED staff work every day in one school (e.g., School Psychologists) while others support multiple districts (e.g., Occupational Therapists). Browse this section of our website to learn about how we partner with our member districts to support the whole child.


Whole Child Support

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SCRED Staff in My District

Click your district's logo to view a list of staff and their contact info.

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Partnering with SCRED Staff

The groups below (Services Coordinators, Administrators, and Itinerant Staff) often work across districts and are frequently contacted by teachers or school leaders looking to collaborate on projects, problem solving, etc.

Check out our complete staff directory to see student support services (e.g., School Psychologists), program staff (e.g., Adult Basic Education teachers), and district office staff.


Services Coordinators

Click MoreThese are non-administrative content specialists, typically with backgrounds in teaching or school psychology. Their support varies by role but often includes system/program planning, case consultation, and professional learning facilitation.


Administrative Team

Click MoreOur Special Services Supervisors (SSSs) work closely with school leaders and all staff in their member districts of assignment. Their support extends beyond the special education department; they also support Section 504 programming, ADSIS programming, and a variety of other systems that offer a continuum of support to our students. Our Director of Special Education and Executive Director support the SSSs and all SCRED staff.


Itinerant Services

Click MoreThese are non-administrative staff whose support varies by role but often includes student case consultation, program planning (e.g., Assistive Technology options, adaptations to ensure accessibility), assessments during special education evaluations, and related services to students.

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