County Collaboratives

Chisago County

The mission of the Chisago County Children's Collaborative is to broaden the geographical and political base for planning and administering children and family services, coordinate and guide the orderly growth of services, technology, staff, transportation, facilities and legislation, provide a forum for issue and conflict resolution through respectful interaction and develop a common vision and goals and to use sponsors institutional power to achieve them.

Chisago County Children's Service Collaborative

  2017-18 Chisago County Cabinet Members
 2017-18 Chisago County Steering Members 
 Chisago County Advisory Committees 17-18

 Attendance Protocol

 Children's Collaborative Common Score Card Results and Indicators

 Programs Funded by Chisago Co. Collaborative Common Score Card

Pine County

The mission of the Pine County Children's Collaborative is to improve the lives of children in Pine County by better serving children and families through cooperation, coordination, and collaboration among schools and family service providers.

Pine County Children's Service Collaborative

 Pine County Cabinet Members 2017-18
 Pine County Advisory Committees 2017-18

Pine County Agencies and Schools Procedural Agreement

 APX A Pine County Juvenile Process Flowchart
 APX B School Resource Officer Guide
 APX C Family Home Visiting Referral Form
 APX D Suspected Child Abuse/Neglect Report
 APX E Notification to Interview without Parental Consent
 APX F Project ATTEND/PASS Truancy Program Guide
 APX G Record of Access 
 APX H Project ATTEND Concern Letter
 APX I Illness Letter
 APX J Habitual Truant Letter
 APX K Continuing Truant Letter 
 APX L Project ATTEND Referral Form
 APX M START Meeting Form
 APX N Notice of START Meeting Form
 APX O Withdrawal From School
 APX P Pine County Truancy Offense Report
 APX Q Referral to Children's Mental Health
 APX R Conducting Student Interview in Schools
 APX S Pine County Health and Human Services Placement Memo
 APX T Pine County Schools Responding to Absenteeism Packet