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CMRCase Manager Resources

The majority of our guidance regarding SpEd due process is hosted on our separate CMR website. CMR is essentially a sophisticated SpEd manual designed to support with due process paperwork (e.g., writing IEPs and evaluations) and associated tasks (e.g., facilitating IEP meetings, MA billing). 


Local Special Education Guidelines

We maintain numerous guidelines that provide procedural guidance regarding how various topics are addressed in our member districts. Through SCRED's collaborative decision making process, these guidelines are reviewed and approved by our Superintendents' Operating Committee and Governing Board.


Request Resources

Supplies and Equipment

Below are the Special Education Supplies and Equipment Request Forms for each SCRED Member District. Please click on the link that corresponds to your district. Once you submit your request, you will receive a confirmation email and an email will also be sent to the appropriate SCRED Special Services Supervisor. The SCRED Supervisor will then complete the second part of the form and you will be notified by email if your request was approved or denied. If it is approved, a copy of the approval is also sent to your Building Principal and your district's Business Manager. 


Time for Collaborative Planning

Do you need funding in order to gather educators to work on a planned or unanticipated project? Funds can be accessed through the Collaborative Planning Project.

When you're ready, submit a proposal for funding.


Test Protocols

School Psychologists use the School Psych Test Protocol Order Request to request protocols for tests like the WJ, WISC, etc.


Paraprofessional Needs Assessment

The Request for Para Evaluation process may be used when special education staff are considering the need for an additional paraprofessional position.


TSES Plans

Total Special Education System (TSES) plans are maintained for each of our member districts in accordance with Minnesota Rule 3525.1100. These plans also include an assurance for compliance with the federal requirements pertaining to districts’ special education responsibilities found in United States Code, title 20, chapter 33, sections 1400 et seq., and Code of Federal Regulations, title 34, part 300.



Related Topics

Visit our Databases pages if you'd like to log into or access technical support for the numerous online databases that special educators in our member districts use every day (e.g., SpEd Forms, TRAX, eduCLIMBER, FastBridge).


If Special Education Teachers, School Psychologists, and other SpEd stakeholders need consultation or problem-solving, our Special Services Supervisors (SSS) and Director of Special Education are happy to support.

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