One of eduCLIMBER's most useful features, Charts let you take data from Synergy (e.g., discipline, attendance, etc.) and FastBridge (e.g., aMath, mySAEBRS) and visualize your "big picture" data in bar charts, line charts, scatterplots, etc. This lets us step back and analyze our continuous improvement efforts.


Grade and Class Tabs

An easy way to find many of the assessment, attendance, discipline charts in eduCLIMBER is to use the grade or class tabs that are located at the very top of the screen. Learn more:



Chart Module

eduCLIMBER also has a chart button that will allow you to access a more complex set of chart options. Learn more:



Discipline Charts

eduCLIMBER lets us visualize and analyze our discipline incidents from Synergy. You can pull up an automatically generated set of charts that organize incidents by day of the week, month, hour, type, response, etc. Learn more:

  • 🎥 Video (4:12) that explains how to pull up and use these discipline charts

 discipline charts



Related Topics

Pin your Chart to a Collection so you can easily find it later. NOTE: We typically don't recommend pinning discipline charts because we're typically reviewing the previous 30 days, and it's easier to let eduCLIMBER pull this date range up for you automatically.

Learn more about Data-Based Decision Making — how staff in our member districts use charts to inform decisions about practices and supports in their schools.


Tech Support

Submit a ticket to the SCRED Help Desk. Support staff at the SCRED office will address your issue ASAP and wrap in a Services Coordinator if needed. Questions? Here's how to use the Help Desk.

You can also check out eduCLIMBER's page on Charts.

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