How are a group of students doing?chart video

Use bar charts to visualize assessments, letter grades, discipline referrals, attendance, etc.

You can also drill down to look at individual students. For example, you can click on the red part of a bar chart and see a list of high risk students.




Assessment Data

There are a few places in eduCLIMBER where you can pull up bar charts, line charts, scatterplots, etc. based on classes, grade levels, schools, or whole districts.


Accessing Your Charts

District, Grade, or Class tabs: An easy way to pull up your Charts is to use the tabs that are located at the very top of the screen.



Program Evaluation module: This tool allows you to analyzes comparisons on one assessment over time, view same grade-level data over time, etc. Here's a webpage that explain the feature.

Program Evaluation dashboard


Chart module: eduCLIMBER also has a chart button that will allow you to access a more complex set of chart options. Here's a webpage that explains these features. 



Using Your Charts

Viewing Individual Student Data: You can drill down and view "smart spreadsheets" of individual student data. Here's 🎥 how to see individual student scores (3:28).

Data wall


Displaying Growth Rates: We can change the color-coding on charts to break students down by growth rates rather than proficiency. Here's 🎥 how to display growth rates (4:23) and 🎥 how to keep the growth colors when you pin/save your chart (1:08).

Growth Charts
Students at different proficiency levels are grouped by how much growth they've made.


Seeing Changes in Proficiency: Double-click your assessments charts and you'll find this interactive tool that allows you to focus on groups of students whose performance changes between assessment windows. Here's a video on 🎥 how to use the Effectiveness "Swoopy" Charts (2:58).

effectiveness chart



Discipline Data

eduCLIMBER lets us visualize and analyze our discipline incidents from Synergy. You can pull up an automatically generated set of charts that organize incidents by day of the week, month, hour, type, response, etc. Learn more:

 discipline charts



Attendance Data

eduCLIMBER lets us view full day and period attendance, visualize trends (e.g., day of the week), and dig in to answer specific questions (e.g., "In what period of the day do we have the most unexcused absences?")

attendance charts



Related Topics

Pin your Chart to a Collection so you can easily find it later. NOTE: We typically don't recommend pinning discipline charts because we're typically reviewing the previous 30 days, and it's easier to let eduCLIMBER pull this date range up for you automatically.

Learn more about Data-Based Decision Making — how staff in our member districts use charts to inform decisions about practices and supports in their schools.


Tech Support

Email [email protected] to submit a support ticket. Support staff at the SCRED office will address your issue ASAP and wrap in a Services Coordinator if needed.

You can also check out eduCLIMBER's page on Charts or Discipline Charts.

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