phishnotify logoReporting Incidents

If you encounter a potential cyber security threat (e.g., phishing, malware, etc.), follow these instructions on how to report a cybersecurity incident.



All SCRED staff complete short training modules (including video(s) and a brief quiz) using Infosec IQ. Staff are "tested" by receiving several phishing simulation emails every month. If you suspect an email to be a phishing attack, report it using the procedure described above.

  • Staff who have not fallen victim to the phishing simulation emails only complete training videos every other month.
  • Staff who have fallen victim to the phishing simulation emails complete monthly training videos.

Infosec IQ

This training helps us to prevent cybersecurity incidents and, consequently, this prevention measure helps us to minimize insurance costs.


Securing Information

The information below covers procedures for devices and information that are staff are expected to use in order to secure confidential data.

Keeper logo

Keeper Password Management

Password security is a critical component of our cybersecurity, and staff are required to use Keeper for managing passwords. You can log into Keeper on all of your devices using your school Google account. Keeper:

  • Auto-generates secure passwords for you
  • Saves your passwords and fills them in when you log into websites
  • Allows you to securely share passwords with coworkers (one-time or indefinitely)
  • Allows SCRED tech staff to have administrative control
  • Provides a free Keeper family account for personal use



Sending and Receiving Data 📬

Review the linked presentation for information on our procedures for how to use email, send and receive files, etc. in a secure manner that protects confidential data.


Clear Desks and Clear Screens

Our Clear Desk and Clear Screen Procedure is important to ensure that all sensitive/confidential materials are removed from your workspace and locked away when items are not in use or you leave your laptop or workspace unattended.



Tech Support

Email [email protected] to submit a support ticketSupport staff at the SCRED office will address your issue ASAP and wrap in additional staff if needed.


Click MoreIf you have questions about cybersecurity, please reach out to our technology staff using their contact info. below.

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