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🎥 What are Data Walls for? Data Walls are essentially a "smart spreadsheet." They display data in sortable columns, and the data automatically updates.

Gone are the days of downloading spreadsheet files and then taking hours to manually collate them in Excel! With Data Walls you can pull up multiple metrics about the same group of students, and you have tools at your fingertips to takes notes, tag students, add interventions, etc.


Basic Data Walls

You can use the 'Grade' or 'Class' tabs in eduCLIMBER's top menu bar to pull up a Chart first and then click the Data Wall button to drill down and look at individual student data.

 data wall


Custom, Whole Child Data Walls

You can create "custom" data walls for either your class(es) or your whole grade level. The "custom" option allows you to include multiple sources of data (e.g., discipline, attendance, literacy, math, etc.) in your Data Wall.

chart view



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  • Pin your Data Wall to a Collection so you can easily find it later.
  • Use your Data Wall to assign students to Interventions.
  • Use your Data Wall to Tag students.
  • Learn about Data-Based Decision Making — how staff in our member districts use the information in a Data Wall to inform decisions about the practices and supports provided to students.

Tech Support

Email [email protected] to submit a support ticket. Support staff at the SCRED office will address your issue ASAP and wrap in a Services Coordinator if needed.

You can also check out eduCLIMBER's page on Data Walls.

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