You can assign an intervention to a student (e.g., supplementary math instruction) and then attach one or more 🎥 progress monitoring measures (e.g., a math probe we take 1x/week).

When you enter data, eduCLIMBER will graph it, helping you to determine how effective the intervention is and to keep track of changes you're making to it.


Creating Interventions

Create intervention module

The headings below ⬇️ match the 'Create Intervention' panel in eduCLIMBER ⬆️ and they'll walk you through every single step — including how to find the panel! 🎥 There are even video walkthroughs!

🛑 If you're using an academic probe in FastBridge, hold your horses! You'll want to set up your FastBridge probe first before you touch eduCLIMBER.

🛑 After you set up your graph, enter your first data point to make sure it's an accurate reflection of the student's current performance (e.g., the baseline of their IEP goal). Here's a 🎥 SpEd-focused explanation of why and how.

NOTE: If you're using the special Point Sheet graph setup, this does not apply.


Managing Interventions


Fixing Errors


Students Entering, Exiting, or Moving


Unique Situations

It's helpful to have the background on how the system works (i.e., how Interventions and Monitoring schedules work together).


SpEd-Specific Topics


Related Topics

Add your students to a Meeting so you can easily review their graphs + their grades, assessments, discipline incidents, and attendance data.

Tech Support

Submit a ticket to the SCRED Help Desk. Support staff at the SCRED office will address your issue ASAP and wrap in a Services Coordinator if needed. Questions? Here's how to use the Help Desk.

You can also check out eduCLIMBER's page on Interventions or on Point Sheet Interventions.

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