The tools and info. on this page cover the "nuts and bolts" of procedures that involve all SCRED staff. For a comprehensive index of our board-approved policies and procedures, please follow the link.

Sick, Personal, or Vacation Days

Visit our Human Resources page for info. on how to enter into Skyward, who to notify, etc.


SCRED Office and School Buildings

Weather Delays and Closures

Our member districts announce any delays or closures via local news stations and on their social media accounts. Please use these sources to stay up to date on district announcements.

We ask that all SCRED staff set up notifications with the Remind app. We use this system to communicate about delays or closures of the SCRED office, as well as atypical events in the districts (e.g., when a school suddenly closes due to a power outage). You can either install the Remind app or simply sign up to receive notifications via text message.


Please refer to the list of approved recyclable items to learn what can be disposed of in the recycle bins in the SCRED office.


Our Emergency Evacuation Map is posted throughout the SCRED office.


Scheduled Tasks

Below, you'll find information about documents and tasks that are completed annually or more frequently by most/all SCRED staff.

Required Trainings/Forms (August)

Staff document their completion of mandatory annual trainings/forms (e.g., blood borne pathogens, mandated reporting) using this ✅ Required Staff Trainings/Forms ChecklistAll employees must complete the checklist by September 15th.


Mileage & Reimbursement (Monthly on the 10th)

Every six months, our Business Manager emails all staff a new Mileage and Expense Claim Form spreadsheet with updated mileage rates. Mileage is claimed when the distance driven in a day exceeds the distance between home and work. The claim forms are turned into our Accounting Technician monthly on the 10th (e.g., October mileage is due by Nov. 10th).


PAR Reports (Monthly)

For some of our staff, their time each day is split between activities that are SpEd reimbursable and activities that are not. Examples of these staff are (some) School Psychologists, School Nurses, and School Social Workers. SCRED is federally required to have these employees complete Personnel Activity Record (PAR) reports.


Contract Calendar (May)

All certified staff must submit a proposed calendar in May and a final calendar the following May.


End of Year Check Out (May/June)

Certified staff review the ✅ End of Year Staff Check Out spreadsheet, complete all the items on the list, and check them off when completed prior to June 15th. 


Approval Requests

Use the forms below to request approval (e.g., for the acquisition of resources).

Purchase Requests

  • Purchase Request Form: This form is designed specifically for all purchase requests for SCRED staff and our student programs. This can include physical items, software subscriptions, conference registrations and professional learning.
  • Mobile App Request Form: Complete this form to request the purchase of a new paid for app for your mobile iOS device.

Course Approval / Lane Change

  1. BEFORE COURSE: Submit the Request for Course Approval form to our Executive Director with a course description or syllabus.
  2. AFTER COURSE: Submit the Request for Lane Change form to our Executive Director with your official transcripts reflecting completion of the course; payroll will be notified for salary schedule adjustment (if applicable).






Click MoreIf you have questions about the items on this page, please reach out to one of the individuals below.

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