AT handout

Check out the AT Consideration Handout, a quick one-pager that explains what to consider, how to identify AT tools for trial, and how trialing devices and adding them to the IEP works.

Consideration of AT doesn't begin and end at the annual IEP meeting, and it should be an ongoing process as the IEP is implemented.

The most common reason that students receive AT support is to support access to environments, tasks, etc. However, students may also need AT in order to make progress toward their IEP goals.

When considering AT, as with any other support included in an IEP, it is crucial to consider each area of functioning by itself. A student's reading needs will necessitate different supports than their math needs. 

When the IEP team has identified an issue regarding access and/or progress, SETT helps to identify AT tools for trial. AT trials can begin at any time and do not need to be incorporated into a comprehensive evaluation or preceded by a PWN. This Flowchart provides more info. about the process. 




Click MorePlease reach out a member of SCRED's AT Committee with any Assistive Technology related questions.

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